P N Lee Staff and Consultants

The highly qualified and experienced staff at P.N.Lee Statistics and Computing Limited (PNLSC) are well equipped to provide a number of professional and technical services relating to medical statistics, including data processing, reporting, statistical analyses and software development. They have particular expertise in the areas of toxicology, epidemiology and clinical trials

Peter Lee (Director and Statistical Consultant):

Peter studied mathematics with postgraduate statistics at Exeter College, Oxford in 1962-66, gaining his MA in 1969. Until 1979 he worked as a statistician to the Tobacco Research Council, in Harrogate and then in London. From 1979 to 1984 he was an independent consultant in statistics and advisor in epidemiology and toxicology to a number of tobacco, pharmaceutical and chemical companies. He formed PNLSC in 1984 to widen these activities. Peter is a Chartered Statistician who has published over 200 papers, letters and articles, and several books.



Katharine Coombs (Office Manager and Clinical Trial Data Manager):

Katharine studied chemistry at Bristol University from 1987 to 1991, gaining an MSc. After working as an analytical chemist at the Leatherhead Food Research Association, she joined PNLSC in 1993


 Secretarial and support staff:

Yvonne Cooper


Consultants (RoeLee statistics Ltd)

Dr. John Fry (Statistician & Director RoeLee Statistics Ltd):

John read mathematics at Churchill College, Cambridge in 1972-75. He gained an MSc and DIC in statistics at Imperial College, and then studied at Glasgow University where he gained a PhD for his work on statistics in 1980. He was statistician at the Department of Neurosurgery at Southern General Hospital in Glasgow from 1978 to 1979 and then lecturer in medical statistics at the Department of Epidemiology at St. Mary's Hospital Medical School. John, who is a Chartered Statistician, has particular interest in computing problems in statistics and has been responsible for the implementation of RoeLee. He joined PNLSC in 1983 and as of April 2017 became a consultant to PNLSC via RoeLee statistics Ltd.


Jan Hamling (Statistician & Company Secretary RoeLee Statistics Ltd):

Jan read mathematics at Imperial College London from 1975 to 1978. Her extensive experience in systems analysis includes 6 years at Scicon and 4 years at British Gas during which time she was involved in implementing a quality system. She studied epidemiology and statistics, gaining a diploma in statistics in 2005. Jan developed the Relative Risk Estimation system (RREst) in Excel, and has carried out large reviews of epidemiological evidence.


John Hamling (Software Developer and Hardware Specialist):

John comes from a strong background in electronic engineering within companies such as Reed International and Plessey. John is experienced in many programming languages and spent 5 years as a consultant developing software products for Phillips Electronics. John has developed the in-house network and company website, and has also been responsible for producing the IMASS and RoeLee Peer Review systems.




Consultants (Independent)

Currently none:


More detailed curricula vitae and lists of publications are available on request.