About P N Lee Statistics and Computing Ltd

We offer expert advice on statistical and computing issues and have a wealth of experience.


For over 30 years PNLSC has offered expert advice on a range of statistical and computing issues. These covered the areas of epidemiology, toxicology, clinical trials and software development.

As from April 2017 PNLSC will concentrate on Peter Lee's main interest, which concerns tobacco, with other work being carried out by the associated company RoeLee Statistics (RLS), run by previous employees of PNLSC, John Fry and Jan Hamling. Their website RoeLee Statistics describes in detail the work they do, which mainly concerns pathology, toxicology, clinical trials and software development, including the RoeLee and Peer Review programs.

Although approaches should normally be made to PNLSC for carrying out tobacco work and to RLS for carrying out non-tobacco work, it should be realized that, where required, the expertise of RLS staff may be called upon to assist in tobacco work, and of PNLSC staff to assists in non-tobacco work. Peter Lee, for example, has very considerable experience in the interpretation of data from long-term experimental carcinogenicity studies.

As regards tobacco, PNLSC have been involved in numerous projects relating to the health effects of smoking, environmental tobacco smoke exposure and smokeless tobacco, with systematic reviews and meta-analyses a particular speciality. As illustrated by Peter Lee's CV recent papers concern lung cancer, other cancer, heart disease, stroke, COPD, respiratory and other diseases, and quantify in detail how risk varies by type of cigarette (e.g. tar level and mentholation), and by type of product used and time quit. E-cigarettes are also an ongoing interest.

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