The developers at PNLSC produce bespoke commercial software systems tailored for client specific applications

RR Estimation
The paper "Facilitating meta-analyses by deriving relative effect and precision estimates for alternative comparisons from a set of estimates presented by exposure level or disease category" (Jan Hamling et al., Statistics in Medicine, 2008) describes software for calculating estimates.

Jan Hamling, in collaboration with Mathias Ambuehl of Consult AG in Berne, have developed the Excel and SAS software described in this paper. This is available as a free download - click the RR Estimation link on the left.


RoeLee  & Peer Review
Whilst originally developed by P N Lee Statistics and Computing Ltd, the RoeLee system is now developed and supported by Roelee Statistics Ltd

The RoeLee system arose from original ideas of Dr. Francis Roe, a medically qualified pathologist in collaboration with Peter Lee. RoeLee is a system for recording, reporting and statistical analysis of histopathology data from long-term experimental carcinogenicity studies. Developed by Dr. John Fry over more than 20 years, the system now has an extremely wide range of facilities, and its range of use has widened considerably. The main areas of its use include:

  • Histopathology and Necropsy

  • Clinical trials

  • Epidemiology

Peer Review
This system enables detailed Peer Review of histopathology data. The data need not have been read initially on RoeLee, as Peer Review will accept data from existing systems such as Pathdata and Xybion. This allows users to carry out peer reviews whilst retaining their current data recording system and working environment.